Centre for MACH - MultidisciplinAry ResearCh in Health Science

Master Course in Global Health

Job Opportunities for MGH graduates

Interpreting health and its determinants in an innovative way and beyond the limits of the health sector, students who complete the Master in Global Health will be able to practice their profession in the various sectors in which they will operate, be they directly connected to the health sector or indirectly connected to it. This new way of thinking is aligned with the philosophy of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and includes multi-sectorial interventions, and an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach respecting ethical principles and human rights. Acquiring these principles offered by the Master, students will be able to identify a collaborative and innovative approach to global health issues, going beyond their own operating sector. This will allow employment opportunities in many fields, including:

  • Biomedical and public health, through an interpretation of care and prevention in a holistic way that, at the same time, does not reject the most advanced technology but uses it fairly and according to high ethical principles.
  • The bio-technological field, looking for modern means, including digital ones, to facilitate access to health, adequate person-centred care, and prevention.
  • The social and anthropological field, which are fundamental in placing the person at the center of the intervention and supporting the technical efforts of curative and preventive nature.
  • That of human rights protection, of which health is a fundamental example, in the context of public, supra-national and non-governmental organizations.
  • That of scientific research at all levels that recognizes the need for work in partnership and according to a continuum that starts from fundamental research to reach the operational one to achieve ambitious goals in the various health indicators.
  • That of agriculture and veterinary, according to the principles of the "One Health" approach which recognizes the importance of collaboration in the human-animal ecosystem to address many health problems.
  • That of international cooperation, considering how all public development agencies and non-governmental agencies focused on work in other countries urgently need to update their operations and activities in line with the UN SDGs.
  • That of politics and diplomacy in foreign affairs on which international cooperation is based.
  • That of national security, given the importance of protecting the citizen from threats of a health nature.
  • The economic one, considering the importance assigned to the evaluations of the costs and effectiveness / benefit of the various interventions in public health today.
  • The juridical field, considering the essentiality of good and adequate legislation that lead to the health of a people and the nation.
  • That of philanthropyy, considering the need for philanthropic foundations to clearly define priorities for financial and technical support to the poorest countries and communities.
  • The private sector, especially of biomedical nature, given the important principle of global health to facilitate access to diagnostics, drugs and vaccines in the poorest countries.
  • And finally that of communication and promotion of correct approaches and interventions in the field of health and its determinants. Stage in laboratories such as San Raffaele Hospital and the ASST Grande Ospedale Niguarda in Milan or equivalent facilities in other countries to familiarize with modern technologies and their use in the response to global health threats



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