Centre for MACH - MultidisciplinAry ResearCh in Health Science

Who we are, Vision and Aims

The new Centre for Multidisciplinary Research in Health Science (MACH) is dedicated to the memory of Professor Mauro Moroni, a great researcher and an inspiring physician, who had that rare ability to give energy and enthusiasm to all those close to him.

Mauro Moroni, Director of the Infectious Diseases Institute of the University of Milan, was the first Italian pioneer to face the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 80’s and early 90’s.

He was constant in the quality and rigor of his teaching, constant in his dedication to his students and their learning, constant in his commitment to HIV/AIDS Community, constant in his love for his family. As a whole, he was one of the most charismatic specialists that Italy has ever had.

We wish to thank you, Mauro, for all that you’ve given to our institution and to each of us. You’ve enriched our lives and our community; you’ve challenged us to become better physicians, better teachers and better people.

Who we are

The new Centre for Multidisciplinary Research in Health Science (MACH), devoted to life sciences, is an international
landmark and leading center for health research with a special, but not exclusive, interest in infectious diseases within a
global and multidisciplinary perspective.
The Institute researchers tackle global health challenges, such as those determining illness and suffering among the poorest
and marginalised populations, as well as those linked to innovative biomedical solutions from research in immunology
and microbiology. Our Research Institute is a brand-new model of collaborative research created in 2018 with the support
of the Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico and the University of Milan.
The scientific coordination of the MACH is entrusted to the five Directors: Professor Andrea Gori (Infectious Diseases),
Professor Mario Clerici (Immunology and Immunopathology), Professor Antonella d’Arminio Monforte (Infectious Diseases)
and Professor Mario Raviglione (Global Health). Decisions are made by consensus and in the interest of the progress
of life sciences. MACH is located in the Policlinico Hospital, next to the University of Milan, which makes for an ideal
geographical setting promoting close collaboration between researchers, healthcare professionals, students and civil

Vision and Aims

The ultimate vision of the Institute is to address access to high quality healthcare pursuing innovative and transformational solutions through research, didactics, contribution to policy making, health promotion and partnerships.
The goal of the Institute is to contribute to better health through transfer of knowledge generated in our research laboratories, think tanks and formal training of young scientists. The Research Institute has several objectives: the main one is innovation in infectious diseases, based on different strategic lines and specific approaches such as development of new models of infectious disease containment, amelioration of microbiological diagnostics, improvement of definition of host immune reactions and new treatments. Another important objective is the contribution to development and implementation across disciplines of sound health policies and practices providing equitable access to the poorest and most vulnerable people in Italy and in the world. To achieve these aims and objectives our vision is that of a continuum of research from the very basic and fundamental through clinical trials and implementation and operational research.
We carry out translational research in collaboration with prestigious European and worldwide centres. Resulting publications are amongst those with the highest impact factors in this field. We also participate in clinical trials to evaluate novel therapeutic strategies and cooperate with governmental institutions, public and private entities to support dissemination of health knowledge. We coordinate educational and participatory programs aimed at promoting health and wellness and at aligning research with the needs and expectations of citizens.



tel.: +39 02 50320350
email: mgh@unimi.it